A time of waiting...
Arielle Lloyd has found the love of her life, but his business as the owner of an international company calls him away. She longs for Sebastian, but stays busy with school, and finds comfort in spending time with her best friends, Gabby and Eva. It is during Sebastianís absence that a stranger enters Arielleís life at the university and threatens to shatter her joy with a vicious assault.

A time of renewal...
The return of Sebastian Gaulle, Arielleís Immortal love, brings a return of joy. Her terrifying experience has her rethinking her vow of remaining chaste until marriage. Arielle already knows Sebastian is the one man she will love for eternity. Sebastian has longed for Arielle, like no other. He has carried a ring in his pocket for her almost from the first moment they met. Heís only waiting for the right moment to pledge his eternal love for her.

A time of danger...
But Sebastianís past still threatens their future. A trio of jealous Immortal women has vowed Sebastian will belong to no other woman for centuries to come. Arielle, Sebastian, and their friends must join together to fight off the Immortals bent on utter destruction, if they are ever to find their eternal happiness.

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